If you could use one dance move to pull a girl, what dance move would you do?


Why are people still trying to make sense and analyse a bearded couple?

Are they going to look like a couple? Yes, it’s what they’re aiming at.

Are they going to do couply stuff? Yes, it’s the whole purpose of the bearding.

Are they going to go over the top to overcompensate? Yes, so people notice the shiny maid of honour dress and not the cracks that fill the surface.

If you look closely, will you see right through it? Most likely. Yes. Especially if one of the sides is fed up with everything.

Every damn picture, every damn event is the same thing. There’s the people who choose to believe celebrities are completely transparent and that one thing compensates for 10. People who choose to believe that “there’s no way they would do that if it wasn’t a real relationship!” when literally, in the past, there’s been marriages, kids, fake pregnancies and DEATH to try and cover up homosexual relationships or “inappropriate” relationships. Get that out of your head there’s NOTHING people wouldn’t do to protect themselves and those they love if they feel they have to. NOTHING.

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@5sos: Hitting on ashton

There’s a picture of cheese and pickle on ‘em. 



"yes i am seeing him"


Spaceship Earth


i’m seeing harry too he’s my lockscreen